Thursday, July 30, 2009

Social Networking--the LPCS version

The concept of Social Networking as a means of communication is nothing new to the Lincoln Park Community Shelter. . . but, not necessarily by its 21st century definition. As I reflect on my years of involvement with LPCS, much of our support has come from the “old fashioned” networking of friend to friend, family member to family member, work colleague to work colleague and so on and so on. Through these interactions, hundreds of people have learned about the LPCS’ efforts face-to-face in the way people might share information today via social media such as Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and Twitter.

The benefit of this storytelling, be it “live” or electronic, has been immeasurable and it needs to continue. But, we also believe there are even bigger, better and more in-depth stories to tell our supporters and potential supporters. To this end, the Marketing and Communications Committee has developed a comprehensive communications plan that we have started to implement.

Among the highlights of this integrated plan is the refinement of our key messages, revamping of our website (look for our new site in the coming months!) and printed brochure as well as added participation in community events. In addition, if you haven’t noticed, LPCS is on Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn. We even have an LPCS group on LinkedIn. We also have an e-newsletter (to sign up to recieve the e-news visit

Keeping you well-informed about our activities is very important to us. We would welcome your comments on what and how you see “news” about the LPCS in the time ahead.
--Peg Wander, VP LPCS Board of Directors

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