Thursday, April 8, 2010

Giving back, Getting back

Being in transition has given me the opportunity to explore a variety of venues I never would have experienced. Having been in large nonprofits my entire career, I was pleased to be able to experience a community-based not for profit. Budgets may be smaller but not challenges. I signed up for the Legacy Leadership Institute to mentor not for profits a little over a year ago and luckily was paired with Lincoln Park Community Shelter. After meeting the staff, I immediately knew it would be a pleasure to work with them. The staff have big smiles to match their big hearts as well as a tremendous amount of creative energy-a winning combination which adds to their successful operation of LPCS.

From day one I was completely taken by the sense of community at LPCS. Staff, guests, volunteers and board members are all committed to support and serve. The spirit and atmosphere at LPCS is filled with hope and possibilities, not an easy task in today’s world much less in the world of homelessness. Working with LPCS has changed my own conceptions about homelessness. Walking into the lounge area, I was struck with the notion that I could as well be in a local coffee shop, not a shelter. The time spent working with LPCS has been personally rewarding to me; in the process I have become more aware and understanding of the plight of the homeless and much less judgmental. I look forward to more volunteer opportunities to work with the staff and the LPCS community.
--Teri Somrak, LPCS Legacy Leader Volunteer

The Legacy Leadership Institute program focuses on teaching individuals how to develop much-needed funds for important causes. As a Legacy Leader, volunteers put thier know-how into action after being matched up with a nonprofit organization of their choice.  To learn more about the Legacy Leadership Institute, visit

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