Thursday, August 4, 2011

Meet an LPCS Graduate!

We love to share to good news when someone graduates from LPCS.  Here is the story of one individual who recently graduated:
Robert* entered the shelter only a few months ago.  He had a long  work history doing primarily maintenance type of work.  He was very concerned about whether he would ever be able to become employed again because he had not worked for almost 2 years, was in his late-50’s, and had virtually no computer knowledge.  Notwithstanding his initial reluctance, he attended a computer class and regularly saw a volunteer computer tutor who came to work with the guests at LPCS.  As a result, he learned how to use email and apply for jobs online.  Attending a job readiness program helped Robert put together a resume and gave him practice with mock job interviews.  Last month he applied for a full-time maintenance position at a new supermarket.  Even though there were over 300 initial applicants, he interviewed extremely well and got the job. LPCS provided CTA passes so he could get to and from work until he got paid.  He has now moved into his own permanent residence and will be financially independent as a fully functioning member of society once again!

*Name has been changed to protect anonymity.

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