Thursday, January 12, 2012

Keeping the Neighborhood Safe

Last winter, LPCS received a surprise one day--we had been awarded "Excellence in Sidewalk Snow and Ice Removal" from the Chicago Department of Transportation and the Mayor's Pedestrian Advisory Council!  LPCS was nominated in conjunction with Lincoln Park Neighbors for Safety, a neighborhood organization.  Over the last several winters, Lincoln Park Neighbors for Safety has employed our guests to snow blow and shovel the neighborhood.  This is a great partnership that not only benefits our neighbors and guests, but pedestrians who are trying to make their way through the neighborhood as well.  LPCS is proud to partner with Lincoln Park Neighbors for Safety to help keep the neighborhood safe and navigable in the snow.  As the city readies for the first storm of the season, our guests are ready to get to work to keep the neighborhood safe for all!

You can read more about LPCS' snow removal efforts in an article written just after last year's historic blizzard:

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