Thursday, July 12, 2012

Meet Jack

Jack came to LPCS after years of suffering from mental illness and substance abuse.  He had, in fact, stayed at the LPCS before.  When he returned this time, he was already engaged in outpatient substance abuse treatment with the assistance of a case manager’s referral while he was on the waiting list. Jack successfully completed treatment while a guest of LPCS.

Jack knew that he wanted to go back to working either in sales, where he has extensive experience, or in a new trade.  He identified, however, that this time he wanted to make sure that he was ready to work so that the same pattern of substance abuse and missing work due to mental health symptoms did not occur again.  While staying at the LPCS, he was referred to mental health treatment, where he worked with an individual therapist and in group therapy to develop more understanding of his illness, and develop healthy coping skills.  

Jack was able to establish a period of mental health stability and recovery from substance abuse while at LPCS. With his therapist’s agreement, one he decided he had reached a desired level of stability in which he would be able to handle on the job stressors, Jack turned his focus to employment.  He worked diligently to update his resume and cover letters and began applying for jobs. Jack was accepted into an IT job training program, which he completed successfully. The same week Jack completed his job training, he was also able to move into his new subsidized apartment.  He was also immediately offered work through the agency where he completed job training.  The stars seemed to align at the same time for Jack.

Jack reports that he loves his new home.  He focuses on his health, walking around his neighborhood every evening after work, and enjoying life.  As Jack continues to work, he utilizes the skills for a healthy life that he built upon while staying at LPCS. 

 By: Brianne Spresser
LPCS Case Manager

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