Thursday, December 6, 2012

Volunteer Spotlight Geoff Nykin

We would like to congratulate Geoff Nykin who is our Volunteer Spotlight for December. Geoff has been volunteering as a Track Activities Teacher as a member of the Marketing Task Force committee for over a year. He says that the best thing about volunteering at LPCS is “the unique perspectives and lessons that I’ve learned from the Guests. I start every class with the same message: ‘I am going to learn more from all of you than you will from me’. Whether it is the Guest’s openness in discussing their past or their willingness to give me advice on my future, I am constantly thinking and learning.” Geoff is originally from St. Louis, Missouri, and currently works as a Market Research Project Manager. He chose to volunteer at LPCS because he was interested in a place where he could volunteer long term. 

The classes Geoff teaches are extremely free-flowing and rely on participation from the Guests who are willing to be open and honest. His most memorable experience occurred during his first class. Geoff recalls asking a question to the class and shares: “There was total silence. At that point, I remember thinking, ‘I might be in over my head thinking that people will actually be open with me’. A few weeks later, I realized that a trusting and open dialogue was starting to develop. I owe a lot to the first few Guests who were willing to let me in and treat me as an insider – if it wasn’t for them, I probably wouldn’t still be volunteering.”

Outside of his time spent at work and volunteering at LPCS, Geoff loves to watch football and baseball. Geoff says he is interested in expanding his educational focus to add another hard skill such as finance or accounting to his soft-skill degree that he has in Communications.
The staff and Guests chose Geoff to be the December Volunteer Spotlight because of the overwhelming amount of positive comments made during a Guest Survey regarding his class. Guests have noted that his class is always interesting and welcoming; he is greatly appreciated as a member of the LPCS team.  

Thanks for your dedication, Geoff!

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