Friday, October 4, 2013

October Spotlight - The ENTIRE Taste of Fall Committee

Taste of Fall Committee

This month’s volunteer spotlight will feature an entire group of people who have been dedicated and committed to LPCS for years!

The Taste of Fall Committee is made up of 6 people total, a small group considering all that they do for LPCS and all that they accomplish in only 6 months to plan Taste of Fall, our annual fall fundraiser.

The group gets together at least once a month to discuss the needs for the event, what will make it extra exciting, and particularly how we can top previous years and have it be the most successful each time. This group has been working together for many years, and the best part is – they volunteer elsewhere at LPCS as well!

Andrew Hogue is a dedicated Overnight Volunteer that also occasionally serves meals. He is on the overnight backup team and has been able to step up for last minute shifts on a number of occasions. Andrew had the brilliant idea for the ultimate tasting raffle, and has been a huge part in gathering donations for that and the silent auction.

Ann Brinkman Carstensen is someone that is passionate about non profits within her career as well as in her spare time. She serves meals with our Community Engagement Program on Sundays. Ann has been a great help with making sure everything is aesthetically appealing, she is incredibly supportive (even at the more stressful times!), and it is her decorative eye that makes Taste of Fall such a stunning event.

Brent Carstensen has been with LPCS for a long time, first as a volunteer, and now currently serves as the President of the LPCS Board of Directors. Brent is an expert at making great connections with the delicious drink vendors at our event.

Dan Tarabori has been a volunteer with LPCS for many years, and joins his wife, Sarah Tarabori, as the heads of the LPCS Associate Board. Dan is a clear leader, making sure our meetings are always on task. Sarah is entirely responsible for our upcoming event’s newest addition, a wine toss game where everyone is a winner!

Jeff Lawler also serves on our Board of Directors, and in his free time enjoys serving breakfasts at LPCS as well. Jeff is responsible for much of the delicious food at the event, including his very own Geja’s Café.

This event would not exist if it were not for the tireless dedication of these LPCS volunteers and friends. Thank you so much for your hard work over the last year, and I cannot wait to enjoy this fantastic event with you in just a few weeks!

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