Friday, May 31, 2013

Volunteer Spotlight - Curtis Ksenak

Our June Volunteer Spotlight, Curtis Ksenak, jumped into the LPCS team like a kid into a swimming pool on the first day of summer! Originally introduced to us through our Board President, Gil Matar, as a new member of the Lincoln Park Chamber of Commerce, Curtis was interested in using his skills to help LPCS. 

Curtis currently works with Responsive Network Solutions, a tech support company that helps small to mid-sized businesses with their computer and tech needs. From the moment we were put in contact, we put Curtis to work! LPCS is always in need of people to help out with our computers, printers, scanners, and all other tech related items – Curtis was the perfect addition to our Tech Team, the group of people we call upon whenever we have an issue we are unable to solve on our own. As a small staff in a non profit, this support is invaluable!

Since then, Curtis has become a regular sight at LPCS, joining us in the morning before work, staying for entire days, and even coming back on weekends and evenings to help with anything that needs fixing! He will tackle anything from a simple networking error to an entire overhaul of our Server, Curtis is dedicated to finding solutions for LPCS. 

In addition to the Tech Support he offers us on a constant, and last minute, basis, Curtis has also joined our Associate Board. The Associate Board is made up of a group of LPCS supporters and volunteers that works with staff and the Board of Directors to develop and implement plans to make LPCS a stronger and thriving, long-term organization. 

We cherish Curtis and his dedication to LPCS; we greatly appreciate all that he does for us and the time that he provides!

“Having worked for a number of non-profit organizations, I know the budget constraints these type of organizations face on a yearly basis.  As a result, I volunteer for LPCS as a way to reduce the costs associated with the organization’s IT system.  The staff and Guests of the Shelter are absolutely amazing and I know when I walk into the Shelter I will always leave with a huge smile on my face.  If you need a place where you want to volunteer to actually make a difference in people’s lives, the LPCS should be your choice.”-Curtis Ksenac

**If you are interested in learning more about the LPCS Tech Team, please contact Meghan at

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Metamorphosis Party 2013 - Transforming Lives

Thank you so much to everyone who joined us at Metamorphosis Party 2013! We reached our goal in raising over $100,000 to benefit programs of the Lincoln Park Community Shelter, and even surpassed last year's amount!

Rather than tell you about the event, I thought it would be more fun to just show you! Check out some of these great photographs taken by Tennile Sunday Photography.

LPCS is all set to go!

There were some great prizes to be won throughout the night; some people took home dinners at Geja's Cafe, Cubs tickets, bottles of wine, Graduate Photography, and shopping sprees at the Wheel!

Nancie King Mertz painted a scene from Cafe Brauer live at the event.

Compassion in Action recipient, George Kuhlman

The Jazz Quartess Trio played all night

Maria is all set to start her bidding

This quilt was handcrafted by members of Saint Pauls UCC. Congrats to winners Brent and Ann C.

Let the bidding wars begin!

 You can see many more photos from the event at our facebook page. Thanks again to Tennile for capturing the event. You can order photos from the event at her website as well.

Hope to see everyone again next year!!

Thursday, May 9, 2013