Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Volunteer Spotlight - Andrew Hogue

Andrew Hogue has been a volunteer with the Lincoln Park Community Shelter for over two years. To our Guests, he is known as one of the most attentive and friendly Overnight Volunteers, however to staff he is so much more.

As an overnight volunteer, Andrew has consistently been available to pick up last minute shifts or to cover from someone else who cannot make it that night. He quickly became the first phone call that staff would make when in a bind about finding someone to help with a shift. The Guests love to have him here, and always share the next day how they enjoyed staying up to watch a sports game with Andrew.

Behind the scenes, Andrew has been a huge asset to LPCS as well. He volunteers on the Taste of Fall committee, which consists of a small group of dedicated volunteers that spend months planning one of LPCS’ biggest events of the year. He particularly excels in this committee by coming up with innovative ideas and finding a strong way to execute them, such as the idea for the hugely successful raffle, in which a winner took home over $2000 worth in dining gift cards.

Andrew also recently joined the Associate Board, in which he will have a direct impact on the long term goals of LPCS.

If you are ever looking to find Andrew, he can be found at every event supporting LPCS and celebrating their achievements, which are nothing short of in great part because of his efforts!

Thanks, Andrew, for always being such a strong supporter of LPCS!

"I'm proud to be a part of the amazing work that LPCS is doing for its Guests and in the broader community. Thanks to the dedicated staff and the inspiring Guests, volunteering is easy, fun, and impactful -- being an LPCS volunteer means getting just as much as you give!"

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