Monday, June 2, 2014

An Opportunity to End a Cycle of Homelessness

James came to LPCS last summer seeking not only a bed and meals, but also an opportunity to end his cycle of poverty, dead end jobs, and homelessness.  James previously worked in the retail and fast food industries, which often left him feeling unfulfilled, as well as short on funds to make ends meet.  When a relationship ended, he had to move out, becoming homeless.  He turned to LPCS where he knew the support would go beyond addressing the bare necessities.

James’ goal was to find a career path that would lead to sustainable employment; jobs that could pay the rent, in addition to offering fulfillment.  James began attending intense job skills training at Jane Addams Resource Corp, learning skills to become a CNC (computer numeric control) Operator in a work-like environment.  He earned his certifications for OSHA, forklift operations, and National Institute for Metal Working Skills.  James says it wasn’t always easy sticking with the program; he often stayed up late to study math and to practice his formulas.  He arrived at school every day to prepare and get in extra studying.  With James’ dedication, he rose to the top of his class, becoming appointed as a shop supervisor at his training site.

We’re happy to share James’ news that he accomplished what he set out to do: Last week, James began working a full time job, with benefits, at Howe Corp as a drill press operator.  What’s next in store?  As James passes his probationary period at work to ensure stability, he’ll be saving income to successfully move out into his own apartment, and soon become a graduate of LPCS.