Wednesday, July 2, 2014

July Volunteer Spotlight: Lauren Seaman & Family

This month we want to honor Lauren Seaman and his family as our Volunteer Spotlight for Jully. Lauren, Kourtney, and their daughter never fail to bring an enthusiastic team to purchase, prepare, and serve a delicious meal. We asked Lauren some questions about him and his family's experience volunteering at the Lincoln Park Community Shelter:

How long have you been volunteering with LPCS?
We moved to Chicago two years ago and LPCS has been an extension of our family since we arrived.

What volunteer opportunities do you participate in?
We love to eat, so we have participated primarily by volunteering for the weekly dinners and making sack lunches.

How did you get involved with LPCS?
When we moved to Chicago we settled in Lincoln Park.  As we were getting to know the community it was clear LPCS was a vital part of its story - we wanted in on that!

What do you like best about volunteering at LPCS?
No question here - the people! We have met some of the most wonderful people in the short two years we have been volunteering at LPCS.  Diving into a great meal and spending time sharing life together is what makes it so special.

 What is your favorite memory at LPCS?
I'm gonna cheat and pick two.  Our family celebrated Thanksgiving Day at LPCS and it has become one of our favorite family memories - a ton of work went into getting a full blown Thanksgiving meal together, lots of blood, sweat and tears - but sitting down with friends that day and talking about what we were thankful for that year was a really wonderful experience.  We also loved the Chili cook-off! LPCS has a treasure trove of chefs - it was our pleasure to be tasters :)

What is your favorite thing about Chicago?

What's there not to like about Chicago? I'm a huge Chicago sports fan, love riding my bike around the city, but most of all I love the incredible diversity this city has to offer.  I've met people literally from all over the world - having grown up oversees myself that is something I really appreciate.

What are your hobbies/pastimes?
I mentioned earlier that I enjoy riding my bike around the city - there are views of Chicago you can really only take in on a bike. Sitting down at a local sports bar though and watching any of the Chicago teams play (with exception of the Sox) is a true Chicago "experience".

Your favorite meal you have cooked here:
I guess it would be the Thanksgiving meal we cooked last year.  The ladies in our group can really cook though - so I'm always excited to find out what they have planned.  I just do what I'm told. 

Favorite thing about LPCS:
My favorite thing about LPCS is that it is truly making a difference in people's lives.  I hear about LPCS all over the city - there's a reason it has such a great reputation.  LPCS is helping to transform stories, not only the stories of its guests, but of those who have the privilege of volunteering and serving in the life of that community!

We send a huge “thank you” to the Seaman family for all of the wonderful work you do.

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