Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thank You

"I did not want to leave on Saturday without thanking you for helping me find my way back. When I first came to LPCS, I didn't know how I'd get back on my feet again, I was not sure witch way to turn or where to go, but somehow you helped me find it.
I learned things I never knew I'd have to learn, but I did, and that has now added something to the way I see life. I truly understand what being homeless is, and how we all affect each other's life.
I didn't expect, that it would take 5 months to complete my journey at LPCS, but again, it did, and I'm grateful for the guidance and understanding you have given me so that I could move on, and start a new life journey.
I'll never forget any of you, or the time I spent here. Thank you, for being in my life, and helping me change my life."
--Peggy, LPCS Graduate

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