Friday, September 25, 2009

What LPCS means to me...

To me, LPCS is my second home.

I started volunteering at LPCS almost three years ago and ever since I've considered both the staff and guests to be apart of my life, as they've made a niche for me in theirs. I started off as an overnight volunteer, but after realizing that I wanted to do more, the LPCS staff helped me find a way to include me in their daily community. I've fallen in love with the mission, the people, and the facility itself over the years, and without the shelter I don't know if I would be the same person. But as much as they've helped me, what keeps me coming back is the way they help the people that truly need it. They make it their priority to not only give the basic necessities to individuals who have fallen on rough times, but to go above and beyond. They empower individuals by giving them the tools and skills to escape homelessness, but they also give them the compassion and respect that everyone deserves but rarely recieves when going through such harsh times. LPCS not only gave me, my second home but also showed me that my small acts make a large impact. And for that I will always be blessed.

This is what LPCS means to me... what does it mean to you?

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