Thursday, September 2, 2010

Some of my top 10 moments at LPCS...

As our 25th year celebrations wind down, we asked several staff, volunteers, and board members to share their top 10 memories--good and bad--of LPCS.  Here is what current LPCS Board Member Peg Wander had to say...
1 /2) The hiring of the first Executive Director was a major milestone in our history because it represented, for me, the shift from being an emergency shelter to being more of a social service agency.  Our first director, Barb Beckman, brought a social work background that played a major role in establishing what is now known as the track program and getting us truly to the point where people could really make "life changes."  Prior to this, we were really just providing a place for people to sleep and get a good meal; noble and needed, but sometimes, as the Board recognized in the mid-90s, actually “facilitating" a lifestyle because it was a safe place to be with no real expectations to make changes to leave homelessness

3) The Board and staff's "vision" for our own facility was around for a very long time.  We explored buying a building in LP and did a financial feasibility study and learned we needed to do more work; we were moving rather slowly in my humble opinion.  Then, the offer to partner with LPPC pushed the vision forward, albeit with some trepidation.  In the end, however, the support we received still amazes me; the "asks" were really pretty easy because generally by the time we came to someone they had already made a decision based on their experiences and own commitment to LPCS; don't think anyone really turned out down flat that we actually had a meeting with-I think that's probably a pretty good track record in the fundraising world.  And, again in my humble opinion, the 24 hour facility has made a major positive difference in how the program operates and the ongoing support we receive.  There is a "buzz" in the place every time I'm there.  And, the fact that we have money in reserves is in part a testament to this whole endeavor.

4)  The ecumenical service was when I knew we had "won" the zoning situation, though it wouldn't officially come for several months.  But, to see St. Clement full of supporters and hear volunteers give testamonials was truly inspiring.  Though we are not a faith based organization, it is from a faith perspective that many of our volunteers/supporters come and that was clearly in evidence that night.
--Peg Wander, long-time LPCS volunteer and Board Member

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