Thursday, September 9, 2010

Unexpected connection

I've had the pleasure of tutoring one of the LPCS guests in english each week; her first language is french. What I thought was just going to be an hour long tutor session became a meeting with a friend that I look forward to each week. Over the last few months, she's come a long way and her english is improving quickly as she uses it more and more. Since she works at the airport, sometimes we discuss questions she has about cultural differences she observes there or casual phrases that are difficult for a new speaker to understand. The cool thing about tutoring someone in english is that we can pretty much talk about anything and she's still practicing. We go over documents she needs to fill out, talk about her family in Cameroon and mine in the burbs of Chicago, as well as the volunteer opportunities she's had at the Alliance Francaise de Chicago. We take walks, laugh and share about some of the challenges we've faced in the past week. I'm grateful for our friendship and look forward to seeing her succeed.
--Shannon, LPCS volunteer

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