Thursday, February 2, 2012

Meet an LPCS Graduate!

We love to share to good news when someone graduates from LPCS.  Here is the story of one individual who graduated recently:

Lisa*, in her mid-60’s, came to the United States almost three years ago. After looking for work on East Coast, she moved to Chicago where she thought her employment opportunities would be greater.  However, she was not able to obtain employment here and became homeless, entering LPCS.  Lisa worked diligently in job training programs and in computer classes to increase her employment skills but was never able successfully land a job.  In addition to working towards her goals, Lisa became very involved in doing volunteer work at two local churches.  This summer, Lisa became very ill and spent several weeks in the hospital.  After her release she needed frequent treatments on an outpatient basis.  Since she still needed an intensive level of medical intervention while she recovered, which could not be provided at LPCS, Lisa initially went from the hospital directly to Interfaith House, a shelter for people with substantial medical needs and who are homeless.  Her case manager at LPCS kept in close contact with the social workers at Interfaith to make sure that her transition back to LPCS went as smoothly as possible.  Shortly after her return to LPCS this fall, she was informed that an apartment was available for her in a permanent supported housing program.  She now has her own apartment in Edgewater and has maintained many contacts through her church activities, as well at LPCS.  She has gotten a clean bill of health from her physicians and is very happily living in the community once again.

*name changed to protect identity

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Gilaad said...

Great story. Keep them coming! And congratulations to "Lisa."

-- Gil Matar, President, LPCS