Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ramona's Story

In October, supporters received a letter in the mail that told the story of Ramona, a guest at LPCS.  Romona had been homeless for four years, bouncing between drug treatment programs, family members, and overnight emergency shelters. Like many guests, Romona had seen her descent into homelessness as a wake-up call about her drug addiction. In her time on the streets she had worked hard to get - and remain - sober; no easy task when one's living arrangements are so unstable. When she came to LPCS, Romona was sober, but stuck - and ready to make a change.  Her story was one of perseverance and hope. During her seven months at the Lincoln Park Community Shelter, Romona was able to face her fears and insecurities, and gain the confidence and skills she needed to be successful. Just before the letter mailed, Romona moved into her own apartment.

But our work with Romona did not stop once she was no longer homeless. Since moving out, Romona has stayed in touch with her case manager and continued working toward her long-term goals with the support of the LPCS community. The housing program in which she lives offers fully subsidized rent, but she has been determined to take over the lease on her own. Since leaving LPCS, she enrolled in GED classes, was able to have her minor criminal record sealed, and continued attending extra classes and groups offered by her job training program.

Romona’s hard work has paid off! We’re proud to report that Romona is now working in housekeeping at a local nursing home near where she lives. We were honored to be one of her first calls with the good news, and will continue to support her as she works toward other life goals. Romona will forever be a part of the LPCS “family.”

Over the years, LPCS has worked hard to earn its reputation as a program where people who are at the end of their ropes – materially and emotionally – come to regain control of their lives. This is not simply a place to stay, but a place to change. Our approach is designed to empower and elevate guests during a time of crisis and desperation, when even they may not be capable of seeing their own potential.

Our programs rely on the generous financial and volunteer support of friends like you. We are constantly awed by the deep commitment of this community to our work and our guests. Thanks to a generous donor, any new or increased donations will be matched, up to $10,000!  Thank you for making a gift to the Lincoln Park Community Shelter today.

Many thanks,

Erin Ryan 

Executive Director

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