Thursday, May 3, 2012

GIVE-ing back

Graduates volunteering at LPCS

One unique part of our programs at LPCS is the GIVE program.  GIVE, which stands for Guests in Volunteer Experience, was created several years ago.  The idea for the program came from guests who were staying at LPCS at the time.  They were inspired by all of the volunteers who gave their time to LPCS, they wanted to find a way to give back, and thus GIVE was born.  Each guest spends a part of their time at LPCS doing volunteer service for a non-profit in the area.  The experience allows them to develop/expand their skills and experiences, as well as their networks.  Some have even gotten jobs as a result of their volunteer work!

We recently got a very nice note from one of our Graduates Jane* about GIVE, and her continued involvement with volunteering:

"I want to thank LPCS for getting me involved with volunteering.  Since I left I have continued volunteering on occasion at the Catholic charities building on behalf of Fourth Presbyterian church serving meals to people of various communities and stations of life.

I have done a few stints at the Chicago Food depository, I am a frequent volunteer with Little Brothers friends of the elderly, I served at the Breakthrough Food Pantry 20 hours per week for an entire year.

Currently, I am a Foster Grandparent volunteer with the city of Chicago.

So, Just wanted to say that LPCS introduced me to something that has given me tremendous joy and a sense of giving back by helping various organizations that are trying to make this world a better place."

We are grateful to all of the volunteers who inspired this wonderful program--thank you! 

*name changed to protect identity

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