Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Just Another Community Day at LPCS


Day 1

October 6 was the first round of games for Kick It Home, Chicago. The teams to beat were Northside Housing, The Institute of Women Today, and Deborah’s Place.

My name is Adrienne, and it was my first event playing for LPCS. Let’s just say, I needed to have some Long Jane’s on because it was a very crisp, cold day. Other than that, I was ready for action with my fellow teammates to play kickball and to have a bit of fun and share in the feelings of community.

After everyone warmed with light snacks, beverages, and a few layers of clothing, Northside Housing and Deborah’s Place were ready for action. Due to a few missing members on both sides, the community thing to do was to grab a few volunteers from other teams —and what sportsmanship! Balls were being kicked all around the park. Many players were sliding or smacking into one another to catch the kicballs. Our favor teammate, “Tony”, used his whole body to make the best plays he could, sliding into first, second, and third base. Way to go Tony!

Day 2

Team Spirit!
We were playing The Institute of Women Today, who had some very passionate kids on the field that wanted to take down the “Old People” on the field. As I remember one kid stated, “You are going down”. Ah, the laughs. Seeing that I’ve never played this sort of game before, my team and staff gave me a few pointers when it was my turn up to the plate. “Aim for third base, and kick with all your might!” Being left-footed and all, I wasn’t sure if that would help or hurt my case. But I gave it my best kick and off I went around the field for my first point of the game. Just for the record, I had a few strike outs, fouls, and balls along the way before reaching utopia of a run home, but that’s just the small details.

It was an exciting day and only one team could win. Sadly, we lost on the first game. Deborah’s Place took the honors with the score at 11 to 8. They passed their win on to Northside Housing for a shot at the title. Northside Housing was happy to take on the challenge for the community.

It was so much fun, excitement and best of all—full of community for Lincoln Park Community Shelter, Northside Housing, the Institute of Women Today, and Deborah’s Place. 

Thanks to everyone for making my first big LPCS event memorable!

By Adrienne, LPCS Guest

LPCS Team, Day 1

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