Friday, November 2, 2012

Taste of Fall

The Lincoln Park Community Shelter held their annual fundraiser, Taste of Fall, last Friday at Goose Island’s Gallery 1028. This lof- like rustic venue lent perfectly to the fall decorations and glistening candles! In addition to the warm atmosphere, there was an array of food from local restaurants, a silent auction, a photo booth, an ultimate tasting raffle, an open bar, and, to round it all out to perfect fall perfection, a live band-Tony Bondi Project.

The theme of the evening was ‘Opening Doors.’ A short program in the middle of the evening was led by Board Member, Brent Carstensen, explaining the dynamic work that the LPCS does and introducing some graduates that were in attendance that evening. In going with the theme, there were photos of doors being held by committee members and each time a $500 donation was made the photo of the door would flip to reveal a graduate of LPCS on the other side.
All in all, it proved to be an extremely successful night! Laughter and conversations were in abundance and people seemed genuinely excited about the work of LPCS, which was evident by the $26,000.00 that was raised that night! Wow!!!! That is a lot of 'doors' that will be opened for people! 
 By: Vanessa Stupay, Taste of Fall Committee 

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