Friday, March 1, 2013

March Volunteer Spotlight - Boris Hartl

I am thrilled to have Boris as our March Volunteer Spotlight! He has been a friend and a supporter of the Lincoln Park Community Shelter for several years in a number of different capacities. We chose Boris as our Spotlight this month because he has demonstrated that a strong volunteer gives more than just their time; they offer skills, ideas, and go above and beyond for our Guests!

As an ongoing volunteer, Boris leads our Computer Classes and tutoring. He is the Senior Marketing Specialist for, and therefore has a lot of great insight as to online resources and computer skills. Our Guests have been assisted with web design, excel, power point, resume drafting, job applications, and much more because of Boris. Boris also offers tutoring, where he will work one on one with Guests in any specific skills that they are hoping to hone.

When a particular Guest suggested that she was interested in getting a job in web design or content marketing, not only did Boris help her work on these skills, but he even made outside connections with people in the field so that she could network and start applying for open positions.

On top of these regular Friday computer classes, Boris has also provided very special entertainment for our Guests. He has arranged for several music performances at LPCS by himself (guitar) and his friends that are in bands. He even did this on New Years Eve this year, choosing to spend the time with our Guests rather than celebrate elsewhere.

Boris is a great friend to the Guests of LPCS, the Staff, and the Graduates. We are thrilled to have him as our March Spotlight and look forward to all that he will continue to bring to our Guests!

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