Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April Volunteer Spotlight - Tyler Lewis

Tyler Lewis has not been a volunteer with LPCS as long as many other people, however in the brief time that he has been volunteering, he has demonstrated such dedication that we would be foolish not to feature him as a Volunteer Spotlight!
When Tyler first came to us, he was seeking volunteer opportunities that would help the homeless population. I was astounded to hear about the respect he has for our Guests and Program before he even knew too much about it, clearly he had a passion for helping people. After learning about what we do at LPCS, working one on one with several Guests, and helping out in a number of other administrative ways, Tyler has developed into the kind of volunteer that I would be proud to send out into the community and have speak on our behalf.
In the past year, Tyler has volunteered by teaching Daily Living Skills classes to Guests (they have many times commented that he is a rock star instructor and they look forward to his class) and also acted as a dedicated Peer Mentor. Tyler has developed relationships with our Guests that offer them emotional support and also encourages them to better themselves. Since Tyler has become a Peer Mentor, his mentee has progressed in his track stages, increased his self esteem, and become more engaged in classes and with other Guests.
Not only has he done these more traditional volunteer activities, he has also become my go-to person for any added volunteer help. In the past few months, we have needed volunteers to help with the mundane tasks of stuffing and sealing over 2,000 envelopes in a day or assisting with videotaping/photographing around the facilities. Each time this came up, a simple Facebook post would have Tyler calling within minutes to offer assistance. Now, he does not even mind that we will call him personally and ask for added last minute help – he has been incredibly reliable and eager to give an extra hand, no matter the task.
It is truly because of volunteers like Tyler that LPCS is able to remain a small and focused staff because he helps out in any way that is needed. He is a huge part of our Guests’ successes and we are so thrilled that he sought us out a year ago and joined our team!

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