Thursday, April 18, 2013

Get Healthy! Challenge

LPCS is undergoing a health initiative; we are spending the next two months trying to get everyone healthy! This includes Guests, Graduates, and even staff. In an effort to lose weight, improve BMI, increase mobility, and develop better eating habits – LPCS will increase the overall health and wellness of our entire program.

We are having a Walking Club, led by staff, at least 4 times each week. Rain or shine (or mostly rain), we will walk for at least 30 minutes or 2 miles around Chicago.

LPCS is also holding a significant amount of health classes on site for Guests, Grads, and staff to attend. These will be taught on different subjects, ranging from basic nutrition 101 to diets on diabetes, heart health, vitamins and minerals, and so forth. These classes will teach cooking skills and portion control, while giving helpful information so that we can develop better long term lifestyle habits.

LPCS is asking for weight donations to have classes indoors for those with less mobility. We will also offer Yoga, meditation, and breathing exercises to improve wellness.

There will be awards for Guests and Graduates that attend the most walking clubs and classes, that have the greatest improvement in their BMI, and one for the person with the greatest attitude, perseverance, and encouragement.

Here are some ways you can help!
  • Cook healthy meals to serve at LPCS
  • Teach a Class on Health, nutrition, exercise, or otherwise
  • Lead a group fitness class (Yoga, jogging, weights, etc)
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle with LPCS
  • Donate weights or other items to help with classes
The Get Healthy! Challenge will end on June 9th, the day of Run Home Chicago, a 5K/10K race aimed at raising awareness to end homelessness. Join us on this day by participating in our charity team! (more info to come). 

By: Meghan Freebeck

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