Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Volunteer Spotlight - Abbey Baus

For the month of July, we are celebrating a volunteer that has had a huge impact on our Guests’ overall health and wellbeing, particularly throughout our recent Get Healthy! Challenge. Abbey Baus led more health and wellness classes than any other LPCS volunteer, and she did all of this while continuing her regular Daily Living Skills classes!

Several Guests have noted that Abbey’s classes are always exciting, and most importantly they are very informative. Guests are able to take away real, tactful information to be used in the immediate future regarding their health.

Abbey has also demonstrated a keen interest in the Guests’ health and support. I had the privilege of meeting one on one with Abbey on occasion to talk about some more unique ways she could get involved and also some ways that our Guests might benefit from her insight. She was always careful to teach classes that were necessary, and to bring information that our Guests could learn a lot from and continue to use even outside of LPCS.

LPCS is very excited for Abbey, who will be ending her volunteer time (for now) with LPCS so that she can pursue her dream in Atlanta of becoming a Physician Assistant. Abbey speaks about hoping to return to Chicago after her program to do Primary Care in shelters around the city. We feel very grateful for being a part of Abbey’s journey.

“I volunteer to spend time and learn from the incredibly motivated and wonderful Guests of LPCS. I love being part of great conversation and creating an inclusive, happy, and upbeat environment.” – Abbey Baus

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