Thursday, August 29, 2013

September Volunteer Spotlight - Julia Weeger!

This month is a unique one, because we are spotlighting a volunteer who has held  a number of roles with LPCS! Not only has she been a stellar volunteer, she is also remembered for her time as the LPCS Volunteer Coordinator AND as an Interim Housing Coordinator! Congrats to our September Spotlight, Julia Weeger!

We chose to spotlight Julia Weeger this particular month because of the gratitude we feel toward her for her extra special help during the month of August. As many of you already know, we always have a few weeks in between Volunteer Coordinator positions where there is no one to fill the spot (scary!). While staff can do many things, this is really a position that deserves full time attention. To help bridge the gap, Julia Weegar came back to LPCS to serve once again!

Julia served first as Volunteer Coordinator. She was best known amongst the volunteers as a friend first and foremost, and a staff member second. Julia really enjoyed working on the track activities, because it was an opportunity to get to know volunteers on a deeper level, directly talking about similar interests and goals. Julia also developed a very deep relationship to the Guests at LPCS, which led to her becoming an interim housing coordinator as well – she really has done it all!

“I am always happy to help where I can. Working with LPCS as the Volunteer Coordinator, and later as an IHC, was one of the most meaningful experiences of my life. It's the people--the volunteers, the staff and, of course, the Guests- and all the talent, dedication and humor they bring, that make LPCS such an amazing organization. I'm happy that I can still be a part of it.” – Julia Weeger

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