Friday, February 28, 2014

Volunteer Spotlight: Fourth Presbyterian Church

We are very excited to have chosen members from Fourth Presbyterian Church to represent our volunteer spotlight of the month! This group purchases, prepares, and serves breakfast each month at the shelter. The individuals that regularly come on rotation are: Larry Nicholson, Maggie McGuire, Cindy Winland, Robert Doak, Brenda Mauldin, Karen Philip, Peg Griffiths, Liz Kurman, and Joe Aguanno. One volunteer says, “Although we began volunteering as a collection of individuals, many of us keep returning, thus getting to know each other and coalescing into a group.  Our work is made so much easier by the fact that Larry delivers all the ingredients right to the very counter where we will work with them”.

This group of individuals responded to the call in their church bulletin to come cook breakfast and pack sack lunches. They began in October 2013, and we are lucky to see them each month and enjoy a tasty breakfast that they prepare. Bob's scrambled eggs have received rave reviews from the Guests.  Typically, the eggs are accompanied by sausage, bagels, condiments, orange juice, and fair trade coffee.

An individual from the group says that their favorite part of volunteering is that “an LPCS resident or staff person welcomes us each month with a fresh pot of coffee and a friendly smile.  Our group leader is especially grateful that staff is always available for questions, should we need to know procedures or the whereabouts of any item”.  

One of Maggie's most memorable moments at LPCS thus far was seeing a knitting loom on the table at a Guest’s place setting.  “She (the Guest) and I struck up a conversation about the things she was knitting for her family, and I was touched by her overwhelming spirit of generosity.  She crochets as well, and I have even flirted with the idea that perhaps one day she can teach me how to crochet”. 

“All of the volunteers have been touched by the openness and appreciation of the Guest’s” says Larry. We truly appreciate all you do! Thank you for starting the day off bright and early with us at the Lincoln Park Community Shelter.  

By: Lauren Kirby, Volunteer Coordinator

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