Thursday, February 13, 2014

Balance is the Key to Success for LPCS Graduate

Ray moved to LPCS around Thanksgiving in 2012.  This was his 5th stay here, and from the beginning he was focused on his goals and determined to move out successfully, into safe, affordable housing that he could maintain.

During his stay at the LPCS, Ray focused on his sobriety and health by attending peer support meetings.  He worked with his case manager to develop a manageable schedule, including what Ray calls his “me time,” in which he took walks, meditated, and budgeted his income to go to movies at the theater.  When faced with adversity, including the death of a close family member, Ray turned to his support network rather than using drugs or alcohol.  As part of the LPCS family, Ray had staff and fellow guests with whom he could share his feelings.

While stabilizing chronic physical health conditions, Ray attended school at Loyola for certification as a Spiritual Advisor.  He already has an advanced degree in psychology and began looking for employment.  Ray learned to balance his priorities for school, recovery, housing search, and employment preparation.  The same week he was moving into his new apartment, which was located in his “ideal” neighborhood, Ray was offered a master’s level job.  His new job, which he reports loving, is just a two block walk from his new home.

Ray shows us through his success story, that even though it may sometimes take a few tries,  patience, endurance, and relying on your support network can lead to you to become an LPCS Graduate. 

--Brianne Spresser, Case Manager

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