Monday, March 19, 2012

Rock On WXRT!

Yesterday, a few of us from the Lincoln Park Community Shelter had the privilege of visiting the WXRT studios for a tour, and to pick up the check from the sales of the ONXRT Live from the Archives Vol. 13 CD.  We didn't know exactly how much to expect, but the final amount exceeded our wildest expectations--$25,000!  

What impressed me more than the gold records or autographed concert posters on the walls (Wilco, anyone?), was the enthusiasm of everyone we met there.  The staff were very gracious and had kind things to say about the work that we do.  The WXRT staff told us that LPCS was chosen as the local recipient of the sales because they want to have the money raised make an impact in the local community (there is also a global or national partner each year).  They also recognize that because we are a small organization, the funds raised from the sales of the CDs will really have an impact on what the organization is able to do.  

Thank you WXRT for supporting the work that we do, and helping keep Chicago a vibrant (or should I say rockin'!) community!

--Heather Pressman, Community Relations Manager

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